Best Tips For House Training a Puppy

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House training a puppy can be quite a hard task especially if you do not know how to go about it. Making the situation worse is that some of the information that you get on-line sometimes might be too general and will not give you specific actions to take when training your puppy.

However, this read will give you step to step information on how to house train your puppy successfully and within a short period of time.

puppy in the house

Before you start the whole training process, there are some rules that are quite vital to the successfulness of the house training. For one, keep in mind that your little puppy does not know that there is a specific place where it should relieve or eliminate, it up to you to show it.

Any puppy or dog does not like to have their kernel or crate dirty, try to use this knowledge to your advantage during the training. Just opening the back door for your puppy to go out after every hour will not house train your puppy and lastly punishing your puppy physically all in the attempt to teach it something will not work. Actions such as rubbing his nose on the poop or hitting it with a newspaper will only make the puppy afraid of relieving itself. Avoid doing it at all costs.

Now that you know what the ground rules are, you are only required to follow the instructions below keenly if you want to get your puppy house trained in no time. The first step is to pick a spot outside where you want your puppy to be reliving itself. The spot should be preferably quiet and secluded to avoid your puppy getting startled when it is reliving itself.

After you already have a nice quiet spot, keep your puppy in a crate or tie it to a chair around your working area. It is very important to confine your puppy since this is a method of training it how to control its bowels. As mentioned earlier, you puppy will not dare to relieve itself in its crate or any place which it associates with its rest area, thus it will try as much as possible to hold “it” in.

However, your puppy can only hold for long. Ensure that you take it out to the chose spot after every 60 minutes so that it eliminates. When you are headed to the spot, take the opportunity to teach your puppy to obey commands. You can do this by walking back and forth from the toilet area with your puppy. At the same time, pick up a cue word which you want your puppy to associate with relieving itself. For instance, you could keep telling it to “go on”. With time, it will understand that whenever you utter that phrase, you want it it relieve it self

Your puppy might be a bit timid or frightened by the change and might take a while before it relieves itself. Do not pressure it; continue with the same cue until it finally pees or poops. Just before it starts its “business” make sure you check for its behavior.

This assist you to know when it is about to eliminate in your house. Make sure you reward you puppy with treats and praise it for relieving itself outside. This acts as a motivation to your puppy and helps it to understand that it has done a good thing. You could follow up with some play time for your puppy under your supervision before you let it back to its crate.

The trick in being successful with this method of training is to be consistent and sticking to it. Puppies are animals of habits, the earlier you instill some habits into them, the better for you. In correcting him, do it rather gently and ensure you reward it after it has done the correct thing, punishing it will only teach your puppy not to eliminate when you are around, but what happens when you are not around?

Since the training extends late in to the night, you will need to set your alarm to wake you up at night so that you can take the puppy out. The frequency wit which your puppy will want to eliminate will depend with how you feed it before bed time. Make sure you avoid feeding it or giving it water when it is close to bed time.

This will narrow down the number of times your puppy needs to relieve itself to one trip. After some time however, you will be able to have a full night sleep since your puppy will be able to hold it in the whole night. This is how to go about house training a puppy.

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