Best way to leash training a puppy

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It is very fun and enjoyable training a new puppy for everyone involved. Puppies which are taken care and trained by their masters are cute and very friendly. Despite the size and age of your new puppy, it is very essential to train him to walk on a leash. Like human being, puppy requires friendly and consistent leash training.

leash training a puppy

You may consider rewarding the puppy when it has done something good. They key is praise puppy whenever he leash without resistance. Leash- training with your puppy is great thing you can do for your dog. From their puppy hood to old age, they love exploring allover the compound and indoors for fun.

In this regard you need to train your puppy to behave on a leash. For puppy to learn walking on leash you need to give him friendly training than commands.

Naturally like their ancestors wolves, puppies love running. Thus rarely can you see dogs walking on a leash comfortably at start. You puppy needs friendly leash training to learn how to walk on leash whenever you walk with him out of house compound.

However leash training a puppy may be very frustrating to you. Let your puppy learn slowly while you praise him whenever he behaves on leash. For trainers you need to follow some rules and be portray patience while leash training a puppy.

To leash train your puppy, you need to buy a flat collar with a buckle. Also you may require a lead about six feet made of leather. Note training grown up dogs, maybe frustrating as they can pull you while walking if he sees something exiting on the way.

Therefore you need to steer clear your chain leashes due to their weight. They key is to correct appropriate collar and leash to start training your puppy. Always avoid choke chains as they may pinch your puppy necks while training and he may resist and become stubborn.

A collar with a ring to attach to a leash is appropriate for training a puppy. Note the six foot and lightweight strong leash allows you to control the puppy and he has freedom to maneuver around while walking. If he behaves well you may consider praising him and buy a snack to reward for not resisting.

Training old dogs new tricks may be tricky as it becomes very hard correct the behavior. The appropriate time to leash train your puppy is while still young. Young puppy tends to do things that make master happy. Place the collar while you are playing or eating so that he will not resist.

Puppy gets abstracted easily and they will realize they have collar later. In some instances he may try to remove it, but is normal he will get used to it in time. You should waits until he settles down while the collar is on his neck. After he realizes the collar won’t harm him he will relax.

Like human being he will be enticed to be rewarded for good things. Praise your puppy for new accepted gift and he will learn having a collar on is a good thing.

You may let the puppy stays with collar for some days before you introduce him the leash. Once he is comfortable with wearing the collar in the house, introduce a leash and you are ready to walk out.

Teach him to walk by your side and give him freedom to go around you within the radius of your six feet leash. If he tries to run and pulls on leash, stop and calls him back to you. If he comes back, praise him and continue. Repeat the exercise while praising him if he behaves until he realizes there is reward if he doesn’t pull.

Though it may take several walks before he learns to leash don’t give up. While walking with your puppy use command like “let go” and call him by his name. Whenever you start walking use the command consistently and he will get used to it. Some puppy get idea right away and move forward, thus you need to reward him.

Always use encouraging tone and with continuous daily exercise your puppy will learn to walk and behaves on leash.

Leash training a puppy is fun and enjoyable to the owners. If you get a new puppy you need to train him to walk on leash for air catching while out of house. Use friendly tone while leash training and reward him whenever he behaves. If you follow the above simple step is should be very easy to leash train a puppy.

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