Golden Retriever Puppies

golden retriever puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies are one of the best breeds you can own and below we provide comprehensive information to help you learn how to care for them.  

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The Golden Retriever is one of the oldest known breeds and was in existence since at least the 12th century. It was developed as a cross breed of the Greyhound and the Cocker Spaniel, which explain its intelligence, friendly nature and keen senses. Its elegant features and attractive silky smooth coat make it a popular choice for today’s breeding. It is said to have been developed from a jackal and a beagle during the Middle Ages in Scotland, and it later underwent different selective breeding and was redefined when King Charles II started the golden retriever registration program.

The Golden Retriever history goes far beyond the early writings of its originator. There are many records and evidences that point to the fact that the dog originated in England and was probably bred in France before reaching its ultimate destination – the United States. Some people believe that the American version is the offspring of a Jackal and a beagle.

However, there is no solid proof to support such claims and it is believed by most that the original was a Jackal that got separated from its mate because of some reason and finally ended up with the beagle. The early Americans were probably traveling across the British countryside when they encountered these great dogs. They were probably nocturnal hunters as they usually stayed out in the night searching for animals to pursue.

When the American soldiers were asked about their dogs, they had a lot of interesting things to say about the Golden Retriever and its supposed origin. They believed that it was a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Doberman Pincher. Another interesting bit of information was that the American soldiers used to feed them with bits of meat left over from their meals and to also keep them occupied with fetching balls and such.

It was during World War II that the United States armed forces took interest in breeding Golden Retrievers and began a program to breed the best of them. There was even a time when they went so far as to import seven different breeds into the country. There was even an effort to have a sportsman award a golden retriever the most distinguished title in history, but this attempt was turned down by Congress.


If you are planning to get a Golden Retriever puppy, you must know its important to maintain the it properly and for that, you need to know what kind of Golden Retriever care is necessary. This breed is known to be a very lively one, so it requires that you keep it in good health all the time, just like your children. You must also know that it requires regular and daily exercise, because an inactive Golden Retriever can become a sick pet that can’t even walk or move around the yard.

When you want to choose the right kind of Golden Retriever breeders, it is important to understand their requirements and if they are willing to take care of your puppy properly, then go ahead and register yourself with them.

Before you buy the puppy from a breeder or a pet shop, it is important to know everything about this breed, such as knowing the size of their dogs and what sort of food they should be fed. Goldens were first bred to hunt worms and rodents, hence the name of this breed came from the gold coins which were used to value them at the time. Another thing that you should know about this breed is that they require a lot of attention and grooming, just like any other puppy.

Golden retrievers were originally developed as hunters, hence the nature of their personality and the reason why they like to spend most of their time hunting. Golden retrievers were also bred for the sport, just like most other breeds, however they have gained popularity as pets today due to the fact that they are actually good-natured and nice dogs. Golden Retrievers is extremely lovable and loyal, so if you want to have a family pet, this could be a perfect choice since it could grow up to be a loyal member of your family.

Golden Retriever care consists of taking good care of your Golden Retriever, from its early years in life until it reaches adulthood. You also need to train your retriever from puppyhood until it reaches adulthood, since Golden Retrievers is very intelligent and possesses great memory retention. These traits make them ideal for training since they can easily learn new things. Proper Golden Retriever care also ensures that your retriever grows up to be a healthy and happy adult, free of disease and able to live peacefully with other dogs.


There are many good quality Golden Retriever breeders out there who want you to believe that their product is the best Golden Retriever food, but there are some things you need to know before you buy from them. Feeding your puppy an all natural diet will go a long way toward reducing the problems you will encounter with your dog’s eating behavior. Although all dogs are susceptible to different kinds of allergies, golden retrievers suffer most from genetic allergies, cancer, and joint problems.

In addition to feeding your puppy a diet to suit his needs, selecting the best Golden Retriever breeders will also help you find the best Golden Retriever food brands. It is recommended that you begin by checking the lean meats for protein content. Puppies under eight weeks old will be able to consume three ounces of meat per pound of bodyweight, while adult puppies should eat one ounce of meat per pound of bodyweight. Adult golden retrievers can also be fed a diet of table scraps or human baby food.

Golden retrievers are very sensitive to chemical preservatives and additives in commercial dog foods, especially the common ones like BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin. These preservatives and additives are used by most companies as preservatives, texture enhancers, colorings, or herbicides. If your breeder tells you that he feeds his puppies on “special” grain-free diets, it could mean that he is using these chemicals and additives as preservatives.

Other chemicals that are frequently used in grain-free diets are BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin, but a breeder will not tell you this if he thinks that you have not been told that they are present. You need to ask your breeder for information on which of these chemicals are common in pet food and which ones he recommends using instead.


There are several types of Golden Retriever health issues. Some of the most common  issues include hip dysplasia, allergies, ear infections, conjunctivitis, thyroid gland problems, heartworms, flea bite allergy, distemper, rabies, ticks, mites, flea bite allergy, hepatitis, and more.

Each of these common health problems has different treatments, but there is one easy way to prevent almost every Golden Retriever health problem. Puppy vitamins are very important to your puppies life. Without puppy vitamins your puppy’s life can be shortened, in many cases they have to be treated for their disease before they can ever be cured.


The need to keep Golden Retriever puppies’ health in good condition is one of the biggest priorities of pet owners. Because this breed tends to get sick fairly often, you need to know how to recognize when your Golden Retriever is ill. Golden Retrievers loves spending time with their family and if they do not feel well it is important to take them to the vet right away.

There are several symptoms that indicate when your Golden Retriever might be sick. If you observe any of these symptoms and you know your dog is sick talk to your vet about getting your dog properly vaccinated. You should always consult with your vet, if you have questions or concerns about your golden retrievers health.