How To Train A Puppy Not To Bite – Simple But Not Easy!

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Training a puppy not to bite is quite a simple task because most dogs do not go around biting people. Just like children puppies too are social beings who are interested and curious but are never nasty or cruel by nature. In this article, we will look at how to train a puppy not to bite.

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If the puppy grows up and begins biting people more often than not it is because the owner has not honored the dog’s nature and therefore the dog has responded by learning not to trust people. What should be a defensive gesture can become an aggressive bad habit. One more reason could be because the owner has tried to train his puppy to be aggressive, too early in his formative months.

Just like we allow our new born children to grow naturally and lovingly for the first few years the pups need to be looked after lovingly for the first few weeks and months before you try to train them. It is surprising to note that some owners find it necessary to train the pups to be aggressive and they begin to provoke the puppy and once its feelings are stimulated it can become scared, angry or startled and then he no longer has any control over his actions and invariably becomes a biter of people. As he grows up he becomes a menace instead of a lovable pet around the house hold.

It is more about creating an atmosphere where the puppies can release their energy and are allowed to calm down and stay that way.

A new puppy may be curious or slightly over whelmed by the new surroundings. So if they have been brought in to your home in crates the first task is to allow him to come out and calm himself down. Once he is calm and feels settled and relaxed he will go around and explore his new environment. You will observe that he will calm down quickly.

It is important that you take possession of the pup as early as possible. The first thing to do would be allow him to be free in an open area. This will allow him to expend his energy and become relaxed and comfortable. Do not be in a hurry to grab him and cuddle him. He will not understand and become scared and agitated. This can happen if you allow young children to handle very young pups.

The poor guy will be so scared and alarmed by the pulling and yanking that he will react in the only possible way and that is by using his teeth to bite or by growling or yelping. So initially it is better to just leave him be. That does not mean you cannot cuddle him or hold him. When you see that he is at ease you can make gentle sounds and pick him up gently or run your hands over his body in a slow and non-threatening way.

Allow him to grow naturally for a few months. If you catch him play fully bite your hands or legs cry out loudly and fix him with a glare and say a loud and authoritative ‘No’. Now you have shown him what not to do. Be pro-active and quickly provide him a toy which he can bite and play. Repeat this behavior of loudly saying no and glaring at him till he fully understands. If you take anything in this how to train a puppy not to bite article, it’s this.

If this does not work there is another way. The moment the puppy tries to bite you, grab him by the loose flesh around his neck and bringing your face close to his, fix him with a glare. Then proceed to firmly shake him a few times accompanied by a firm’ No Biting’. Take care not to shake him violently, just a few firm shakes will do the trick. You will see he will not be able to meet your gaze and will immediately accept your leadership.

So, he begins to understand that his leader is not to be bitten and he can play with other toys. It may look very harmless and even funny to allow a very young pup to bite playfully or play tug of war with his tiny mouth clamped around your hands but just remember he will grow very quickly and if unchecked this habit of biting legs, hands and socks could become dangerous and annoying.

The dogs are pack animals and quickly recognize hierarchy and so it is important to let him know that you are the leader. Once he understands that he will learn not to treat you like an equal and a play mate. He will be ready to listen to your commands and expect you to take the lead and follow obediently. Like I said training a puppy not to bite is very simple but simple things are not necessarily easy. See more puppy training articles like leash training a puppy in addition to this article on how to train a puppy not to bite.

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