Puppy Resists Walking on a Leash? See These Tips

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puppy resists leash

One common sign that puppy training is definitely needed is when your puppy resists walking on a leash. Puppies do this because they are afraid to risk anything they might get stuck up in with. Here’s why puppy training is critical.

When you start puppy training, you should make sure that you have some sort of a leash handy. You can use a leash that goes from the house to the car or you can tie your puppy up with a no-pull collar. No-pull collars discourage pulling on the leash. It’s very much like the one you get for your dog that stops the excessive barking in the middle of the night.

As your puppy grows and learns from experience, you can begin removing some of your puppy’s distractions. If your puppy has a favorite toy, you might try taking it away from him while he is learning to walk on a leash. If your puppy barks at the mailman, take that toy away from him as well. Your puppy will learn that barking is not acceptable.

Once your puppy has grown accustomed to having you or another person in the car with him, you can remove the distractions, but don’t take them entirely out of his environment. One reason that puppies have a fear of traffic is that there are cars driving by. So, try to keep a magazine, some books, or even a newspaper folded on a table somewhere in your car while your puppy is waiting by the side of the road. Sometimes a puppy is afraid of being left alone in a strange place, so keeping a little something to comfort him when you leave will help with his fear.

In terms of puppy training collars, some collars work better than others. Make sure that whatever collar you purchase is a good fit. The best way to find the best training collar for your puppy is to try it out yourself before you buy it. Ask your breeder for advice if you can’t get any success with your first collar.

While walking your puppy on a loose leash, he might do several things that you consider cute. He might run and jump, he might climb up on your lap or jump on the bed or do any number of other cute things. The key is to understand that these are things that he does as part of his natural instinct. Puppies are going to want to be able to run, jump and play, just like we do. You will need to teach your puppy that these behaviors are not acceptable. You can begin your puppy’s training by using positive reinforcement.

You have probably noticed that when a puppy resists something, he stops trying and is less likely to repeat the behavior. One way to teach your puppy not to fear the leash is to simply add a little pressure to it. Start by placing a hand behind his back with his face facing you. Don’t apply too much pressure, just press a finger against his backside while you say “no”. This might be a little uncomfortable for your puppy at first but will soon heave himself free of this fear.

If your puppy resists walking on a leash because he is fearful of the experience, you can try giving him a piece of his favorite toy or something else that motivates him. You can also give him a treat after each successful completion of the walk. Just keep adding pressure until your puppy understands what you are asking of him. With persistent attempts and encouragement, you should be able to remove the puppy’s fear of walking on a leash and help make it an enjoyable experience for him.

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