Tips For Kennel Training a Puppy

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Even from an early age, a puppy should learn to embrace the kennel as his den. He should be able to treat confinement positively while not having anxiety in front of humans. Therefore it’s important to train the puppy on how to handle the kennel.

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The first step is of course to get the puppy into the kennel. Do not push or shove him in. This will make him to resent the kennel and therefore it could end up being a pretty frustrating task. You should try enticing him in with a treat. This will make him see that the kennel is not a bad place and that he is appreciated.

The benefit of confinement is to avoid all the mess that the puppy could create. He could break the dishes, tear the clothes or even fell the litter bin. Therefore it is important to confine him appropriately.

Never use the kennel as a punishment. This will lead the puppy to fear it, and in the long run, you. If he commits a mistake, just tell him words like “bad dog”, instead of choosing to confine him. Punishing the puppy using the kennel will make him understand the function of a kennel in a wrong way.

He will learn something; that the kennel is for when you make mistakes. This is of course not what you want him to learn. The first step in kennel training a puppy is therefore to make him love confinement.

Do not leave the puppy in the kennel unattended for up-to two or three hours. It will mean neglect and the puppy is bound to get really lonely. It is therefore important to let him out after about thirty minutes.

On the other hand, puppies relieve themselves after every thirty minutes or so and therefore it is important to let him out and allow usage of the bathroom. But do not let him out immediately he starts fuzzing. This might lead him to believe that such behavior is allowed. Let him out five minutes after the fuzzing.

It is also important to praise the puppy if he has not made a mess in the kennel. Always complement him for ‘going’ in the right place by either saying “good boy” or giving him a treat for a job well done.If he has made a mess in the kennel, do not clean it when he’s there.

This could make him think its okay to do so and he will do it again. Clean the kennel when he is not around. Be careful not to use ammonia-based products while cleaning the kennel, because they smell like urine and will spur on the puppy to urinate inside the kennel again.

Inside the kennel, make sure that the beddings are pretty comfortable, like the COMFY QUILT (trademark). This will make him treat the kennel as a place of comfort.

The location of the kennel is also important. When it is appropriate you can place it in the bedroom, so as to get a closer bond with him. Other places could be the kitchen or the living room, where there is warmth. Do not leave him in the basement because he could freeze.

It is also vital to place something with your scent inside the kennel. You can even spray his beddings with your cologne or deodorant, just to let him know that you are around. This will go a long way in forging a bond between you two and the training process will certainly be smoother.

It is also important to carry the puppy along in family functions like picnics, even though he will still remain confined in the kennel. This lets him know that he is a part of the family and will therefore end up being co-operative.

You should also leave the kennel door open in a restricted place just to let the puppy get in and out of the kennel. This teaches him to acquire the habit of getting in and out of the kennel on his own. This should however be done at the latter stages of training when he has adjusted to kennel use.

They key to kennel training a puppy is patience. Rome was not built on a day. Even the normal human child does not learn arithmetic in a day. Practice will make perfect. Remember that when you need the puppy to get into his kennel, you should entice him in.

This could be by using treats like cookies. This will work, but the puppy could get rude when you don’t have a cookie. Therefore during training, you should alternate this with his toys, like balls or bones.

Kennel training a puppy will result in a well mannered pet, that you will be really happy and satisfied with.

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